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There were 4 of us in Badlands, so I thought I’d invite the others to a party to pool our resources. This worked well and we had a few runs in Stunty and Elf.
The party became a WB and grew to 16 players – that’s when the trouble started.
We landed in Avelorn – Order had already been at work so we set about taking back the BOs but instead of doing it as a team, some members (feeling brave) went off on their own.
The AAO started to climb – those brave players started to die – then they dropped out of the WB. Those that stayed, put up a good fight in defending the keep then found those that had dropped out standing in the WC soaking up that def RR.
There is no shame in dying in a game.

T3 can be quite lively but, as with T1 and T2, all the players seem to stay in Empire.
I’ve puzzled over this for quite a while and still don’t know the reason – do they know that other regions exist?
They could be encouraged to fight in all 3 regions by increasing the lock time and only unlocking when all 3 regions are taken.

There are also many players in T3 who seem to have no idea what they are doing or how to go about acquiring decent armour and weapons – maybe they’ve just played PvE until now; I don’t know. It feel that many players drop out of the game because they don’t understand it and get frustrated at the lack of info out there.
Which brings me to the Advice channel – I turned it back on this weekend to lend my experience to those starting out – is it really so difficult to get rid of the gold spammers?
Surely a filter can be set up on the URL they use?

The DoK finished up at XP39+57% RR51+67% and the WE at 12/12


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