Patch Notes Soon

James Casey rounded off the RR cap discussion by telling us that it had already been decided what they were going to do; he also told us that there would be patch notes early next week and more discussion.
Discussion is a good thing and I hope there is going to be a lot more of it in future but sorting the wheat from the chaff in the threads must be a mind-numbing task.
It doesn’t help that the Bioware forum isn’t very user-friendly – the search function is crap and there’s no easy way of following the Dev Discussions.

On with the game – I was back and forth between the WE and the DoK.
The WE is now 11/11 and had a night of Prowling – it took me back to my Norn Witch Hunter days; my first character on WAR.
In case you haven’t discovered – there’s a Tri-Barrelled Cannon on the Destro WC cliff-top with which you can really ramp up the points when Order are camping the main exit; as a result she got full Inf in Empire in no time.
The DoK ran up against 2 IBs and an RP at the stunty keep – it was like trying to dislodge a tick – one of the IBs kept trying to say something to me; no doubt it was a little unpleasant as they were having a great deal of trouble trying to kill me and not succeeding.
It would have been a lot easier to deal with them if the WB had spoken English but that’s one of the fun parts of this game on the EU servers.
Ended up at XP39+37% RR51+8%


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