Pets? What Pets?

So how many pets do you see players wandering around with nowadays?
None? One?
Not very many – yet Myffic think it a good idea to introduce more…..
I decided to wade into the forum discussion on RR cap which seems to have become a discussion on the T4 armour gap and the lack of sense of direction for the game.
There are some good ideas being put forward but no feedback from Myffic yet – it seems that our new community manager is taking his time finding his feet.
Myffic need to put their cards on the table – tell us exactly what is happening with the game and how many people are working on it.
A core player community would be a good idea too.

It was a better night – until I set foot in Empire; but the less said about that mess the better.
The DoK is at XP39+29% RR50+73% this weekend should see him in T4/LotD


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