RvR Is A Mess

Last night was the first night I stopped playing WAR through sheer boredom.
Assaulting the same three keeps for the umpteeth time, despairing at the antics of yet another headless-chicken WB and the thought of soon being forced into T4 to be insta-killed finally got to me.
Myffic seem to be attempting to change things but it’s too little-too late for a lot of players.
Tinkering with the RR cap will make a small difference but the whole of RvR needs an overhaul – it’s a mess.
It’s not irredeemable but Myffic need to do something drastic within the next few weeks.
I can’t be arsed listing what needs to be done – just read my previous posts.

The DoK is XP39+19% RR50+16%
So I could be RR55 by the time I have to hit T4 but I’ve only about 500 Officers Medallions so it’ll be off to LotD for the Conq armour drops – I wonder if they’ve fixed that WC exploit – doubt it.


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    Come to the dark side……unsubscribe………

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