Handbag Of Inadequacy (+10 Strop)

Quite a busy night brought my DoK to XP38+90% RR49+38%.

Lots of unguilded players out there – Myffic need to look into the guild system to get players more organised in the lower tiers ready for the shock of T4.
WAR is not a cosy, scripted, AI environment – you need to adapt quickly to they way humans think – and you can’t do it alone or very successfully in a PUG.
This is especially important on the EU servers with our inherent language & custom differences but that should not be a barrier to enjoying the game.
Zerging is fun but not the most effective way of getting things done.

There are also a lot of Delf’s out there – greatly outnumbering Chaos and Gskin – are they race of the month or just a passing fancy?

Last night we had a rather over-excitable, dual-wielding DoK join us who started by telling us that he didn’t need our help (until he died) and, when he realised that he was failing to impress, started to insult various members of an otherwise well run WB.
He was given the handbag of the week award and voted most likely to be ignored.

Can we have a perma-opt-out for gold bags?
I’m often forgetting to opt out and feel rather ashamed when I get yet another gold bag and there are more deserving players with me.


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