Bleedin’ Witch Hunters Again

Another night of massed WHs but this time had Guard from BlOrc – I can stand here all night chaps hehehe.
And another night of Delf – Gskin – Delf – Gskin etc. and some friction in the WB – the leader took offence at criticism of his skills and kicked the critic who then went onto region 1 chat and into a rant – toys out of the pram moment.
It was a short session as I was feeling yuch – another dose of lurghi coming on – the DoK ended up at XP38+40% RR46+93%

Server Merges – these weren’t exactly unexpected as the servers they are closing down have had the XP/RR incentive for quite sometime now – what will they do with Athel Loren?
This will bring WAR down to 4 x EU servers and 2 x US servers and the EU are getting their own Community Manager – looks like Myffic have finally realised where their core players are.
Now if they would just come up with an existing-subs only forum …..


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2 Responses to Bleedin’ Witch Hunters Again

  1. Hatch says:

    yes great agree completely about the subs only forum

    • Fez says:

      It’s the only way Myffic will find out what the players think – either that or recruit a player committee/community – not necessarily the core-tester variety but those interested in improving the game.

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