Victory Points Pool

Pool shift in xmins – what is it all about?
I’ve tried to find some description of the Victory Points Pool but can find nothing and no-one playing the game seems to know what it is.
If anyone can enlighten me I would be most grateful.

So after an evening of Delf – Gskin – Delf – Gskin etc. with little or no opposition the DoK is at XP38+3% RR45+24%
I’ve now enough RR for full conq armour but only 300 Officer Medallions – hopefully by the time I get to XP40 I should be able to afford the full set; hopefully I will also have not lost the will to live hitting the same keep doors in T3. I suppose I could go to T4 but the thought of getting steamrolled within the first minute is not all that enticing.

I haven’t really taken in the proposed changes to the DoK – I’ll wait until they come into force.


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2 Responses to Victory Points Pool

  1. Eek says:

    Victory points pool is 1.4 feature to split zone capture renown reward between both sides, depending on how much time it took to lock zone (check this post by Michael Wyatt –

    This was created to reward defenders, but soon after patch Mythic increased resource quantity needed to level keep to prevent frequent city sieges, so now it’s not possible in T4 to get your keep to level 4 in less than 30-40 minutes, and points pool is always split 60/40.

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