The Return Of The Zerg

There was an actual Destro WB in T3 fighting an actual Order WB – deep joy.
The Destro WB turned into a Zerg which swept through T3 conquering all before it – it’s nice to have it back. You can go-on about guilds/alliances all you want but, no matter how much Myffic try, you will not get rid of the Zerg.
Eventually the Zerg dispersed and I ended up taking keeps with just a few others.
The DoK ended up at XP36+49% RR41+47% extrapolating this and the previous data I should end up at around RR55 when I hit XP40.
I’ve now played the DoK for 6 days and 20 hours of playing.

Rams – Is the damage dealt dependent on the players stats or just on the number of people on the ram and how close you can get to 100%?
When are we likely to get the chat fixed whilst in siege engines?

I can thoroughly recommend the Advanced Renown Trainer add-on
It’s ultimately better than the half-arsed effort Myffic came up with.


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