Deus Ex Machina

I spent a fortune on flights trying to find action in T3 – eventually got a few locks but only by working Delf and Gskin with one or two others while the Order zerg were in Chaos.
Khaine’s Refreshment is proving very useful grabbing RR when there are no WBs about; walking into melee groups and showing them my armpit – strange piece of animation.
Whilst in Delf there was an invisible Order player grabbing BOs when they unlocked – Gork knows where he was hiding – he always managed to slip away just after taking the BO.
Who was the Myffic numpty who decided to put the Rat Grind in Chaos RvR? Not only does it skew the AAO but you can’t tell whether your WB members are defending the region or playing whack-a-rat.
Despite another rather tedious night – the DoK ramped up the RR and ended the night XP37+24% RR39+69%

Any chance of getting a WB option that automatically kicks those who join Scenarios?


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2 Responses to Deus Ex Machina

  1. Gankalicious says:

    I believe there is a mod for that already, but I can’t remember the name of it. Perhaps I imagined it 🙂

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