Is This Loud Enough For You?

It seems that Myffic’s silence is rattling several cages –
Surely this can’t go on for much longer.
I feel that changes are on the way and maybe those that we’re used to seeing in Myffic are not playing a part in the new scheme of things but that’s no reason for someone further up the ladder not to tell us what’s going on.

On with the game – The DoK is stacked for Willpower and carrying a Chalice.
As usual – the weekend is a mess in RvR so it was mostly running solo and grabbing RR from healing Sorceresses and Choppas. After a while, I thought I’d try T4 – after getting kicked from 3 WBs for being to low lvl and being one-shot deaded from nowhere I went back to T3.
The Anti-AFK measures don’t seem to be having much of an effect on some players in T4 – especially those from the larger guilds; you have to barge through them to get out of the WC.
Ended the day at XP36+60% RR37+20%
It’ll be interesting to see just how high I can get the RR before I have to hit T4 – that’s if there’s still a game to play.


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3 Responses to Is This Loud Enough For You?

  1. Blaq says:

    I really hope you’re right on the changes front, but Mythic aren’t doing themselves any favours by not telling us about them. Might make them lose a few too many players at this rate and with Rift coming out soon, not good.

    As for the large guilds afking outside of the WC, maybe they were just regrouping? I know that it sometimes takes 5-10 minutes for bio breaks and warband rejiggles. 🙂

    Oh and I heard of a guy that supposedly got to RR50 before leaving T3. No idea if that’s true.

    • Fez says:

      The communications from Mythic have been lamentable from day one – Andy Belford is now back after taking time off for personal reasons; that’s quite acceptable but was there no-one at Mythic to stand-in for him or to be able to explain his circumstances?
      I did meet a DoK who was RR52 in T3 – that’s some going and a great advantage for jumping to T4.

      • Blaq says:

        Well he does mention an emergency. I envision a zombie outbreak at their offices and they had to evacuate, but was prolly just a WoW playing spree or something. :>

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