Andy Belford Returns

Andy Belford’s Post –

Where to begin…

Folks, as Fozee was so kind to clarify, I have been out of the office for the last week for personal reasons. It’s rare that I actually take a complete break from work, however this was, for reason, one of those times. Unfortunately I have no control over who posts what and what is posted when I’m not directly involved with it. I do apologize that no one else posted to keep you updated with what we’re working on in my absence. 

I understand the desire for information regarding the development of the game. I understand frustration at the appearance of inactivity. I can assure you that this is not the case. 

One of the most difficult things for any development team to do is manage expectations. There is a delicate balance between getting your Community excited and what is perceived to be “overhyping”. On the one hand, if you act too excited, and then the vocal supporters are let down, you’re a liar and a charlatan. On the other, if you are more low key and only speak about the things which are 100% set in stone, the naysayers take control. Tack on the additional pressures of over committing your development team and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Let’s be frank.

Our approach as of late has been very deliberate. We are only talking about things that are set in stone and currently in testing. What this means is that news regarding updates and fixes may come to you only a few days prior to them being pushed to live, however when we do talk about it, we are confidant that it will be implemented. This means that discussions aren’t always exciting, but they are accurate and what you can expect to see. 

So, what do the coming weeks hold?
The return of the Newsletter/Producer’s Letter: The producer’s letter will be returning at the end of the month. Final edits have been completed on it, it is currently being approved and then will be translated. 
We will be discussing upcoming changes to single target healing capabilities and improvements made across the board to healers in this regard. 
We will be discussing population levels on lower population servers. 
We’ll be discussing what’s to come in Game Update 1.4.1: This isn’t a major version, mostly bug fixes and some focused changes. However we will discuss what’s included in this version.
We have some great news for the EU Community
There may be a few other topics we’ll discuss, however at this point, the above listed are exactly what we can talk about. 

Again, I understand the sentiment expressed in this thread, and it will be conveyed upwards through the production team. Thank you all for taking the time to express your concerns and opinions, they are extremely valuable to us.


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