Is There Anybody Out There?

This is getting rather spooky now –
So what has happened to Myffic?
Andy Belford hasn’t been on the forums or twitter for 8 days now, he maybe on holiday but does everything come to a standstill when he’s not there?
The last announcement was for maintenance downtime from James Nichols on Wednesday – James last posted in the forum 2 days ago.
Carrie Gouskos is nowhere to be seen except on Twitter talking about anything but WAR.
Perhaps I’m reading too much into it …..

Anyhow – Had fun last night with a couple of headless-chicken WBs then went solo to soak up some RR with the DoK.
I’m now at 34/34 – I’ve decided to use the War Tracts when I max Exp at 34 and 35 – this will get me past the RR cap at 36 and give me loads of time to soak up the RR before I’m forced into T4.
Stacking for healing now – brings out the altruist in me.


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4 Responses to Is There Anybody Out There?

  1. Gankalicious says:

    I logged in to find a Live Event had started so I suppose someone is still alive over there, but that’s hardly a show of good faith. I feel sorry for them, really, as I suppose most of them are just doing their job. The WAR employees who likely read the forums and listen to the players are likely as frustrated as we are. It’s been my experience that in any large-ish company those who make most of the decisions (ie lets not tell the players anything and watch them leave in droves) are not the ones with the greatest understanding of what’s going on. They are usually not the ones to bear the brunt of the customer/client frustration either.

    I’ve stayed out of the whole ‘where are they debate’ and have tried to take a ‘meh’ attitude, but in fairness it’s getting a bit ridiculous. All I can do is vote with my money and unsub. It’s a shame because I still do manage to have some fun, but there are too many games (run by companies who at least pretend to give a shit) that look like they may be fun to.

    • Fez says:

      Yeah – the live event came out of nowhere.
      Maybe a Myfficbot left behind to keep things ticking over.
      I must admit things don’t look too good at the moment but I’m still enjoying playing despite all the niggles.
      My sub is up in March – hopefully they’ll let us know what is going on by then.

  2. Hatch says:

    You’ll prob stay healing till 60-65. The leech aoe heal rp’s are just too good & everyone expects you to heal at that lvl for cities etc anyway. After 65, melee is an option for you, but heals to 80 is still the fastest

    • Fez says:

      I enjoyed the power the DoK has when he’s dual-wielding and stacked for melee but – you’re right – healing is the way to go now.
      I’ve now piled on the Willpower and can stand in a mass melee laughing insanely and group healing as several Order try to take me down; but that’s T3, I’m under no illusions about how hard T4 will be – must get that RR up.

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