All Quiet On The Western Front

After a prolonged scrap over Passwatch/Stoneclaw – which were both at 4 star when it started – the DoK is now 33+72%/33+78% and with a bit of Gskin RvR I finally got full Gskin Inf.
The DoK is now decked out in full Anni armour and Elite T3 Inf  weapons, belt and cloak.
Think I’ll be using my War Tracts to get to lvl 36 and get past that RR cap. Shame my Gskin alts are all stuck at 40/45 – hopefully the RR gain increase will zip them up to a decent RR before I get too discouraged by the hihiRR steamroller.

Still no news from Myffic and no reponses from the Devs on the forums – is this indicative of a tsumani size announcement building up?


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2 Responses to All Quiet On The Western Front

  1. /BRB says:

    Have to admit, I’m just waiitng on the big announcement that’s coming. surely.. something…. They didn’t just get a bunch of new core testers for nothing did they?

    • Fez says:

      Did they actually take on the new core testers or just get as far as putting out the request?
      Either way, it really is very poor customer relations to just drop communications all together – I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got a bad feeling about all this.

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