Chaos Wastes PvE

Sunday night was all PvE in Chaos Wastes and waiting for LotD to open – which it didn’t.
I’m hoping that Exp gain will be easier now I have a few more options to go at – DoK is 32/31 – to get to 36 and rid of the RR cap.
Looks like I’m going all the way with the DoK but will probably have to change the way I play in T4 as going solo may be a little harder with all the big RR players in there. I think it’ll be solo in T3/LotD until 36 then launch myself into T4 as an all out healer. We’ll see.

I’ve definitely changed my mind on getting rid of PvE in T4 – it’s still necessary for the Exp grind at the low T4 levels – so maybe it could go after the first low level regions in T4.


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