The Path Of Sigmar

No obvious sign of the Holiday Bonus – maybe it only applies to the US.

So it was on with the Exp grind – picked up some quests in BFP and while at the Sigmarite Temple PQ I had a deja-vu hit.
If you haven’t found it – the Path of Sigmar is behind the temple; at 15k 41k there’s the start of the path between 2 large fir trees.
It’s a pleasant, though foggy, trek up through the mountains with 5 roadside plaques that, when clicked on, unfold the story of Sigmar and his temptations – sounds like an R&B group. When you get to the top there’s a nice view to take in before you start down again.

After feeling invigorated from the mountain air I went on to some T4 WC quests and now the DoK is now 31/31 – soon be time for the T4 steamroller


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