The Zerg & WAR

Myffic seems to have declared war on the zerg – I feel they are a little off target.

There’s been a lot of discussion over guilds leaving WAR and what effect it will have on the game – I don’t think it will make all that much difference.
Most of these guilds are self-serving, using the game to compete against other guilds; whether 1.4 had been a huge success or not they would still have left.
These guilds usually run around in a closed group doing their own thing. They’re fine for dungeons, lairs, raids etc. in PvE but haven’t the clout to make much of an impression in RvR.
They find the easiest way to level up and get a few firsts, once they’ve done that there’s nothing left for them to do except move on to the next MMO.
Unlike other MMOs, their exclusivity has had a detrimental effect on WAR especially for the casual player – the majority.

Throughout T1 T2 and T3 the zerg rules – it may be chaotic, it may be frustrating but it’s fun.
If Myffic wants the RvR in T4 to be a better experience they should look at how the alliances/guilds/warbands function and why it is that players join PUGs and run with the zerg rather than the alternatives available.

Myffic needs to focus on the casual player –
The player who doesn’t want to fill in a guild application form.
The player who doesn’t want to be told what mastery they should choose.
The player who doesn’t want to be led by a wannabe Napoleon.
The player who doesn’t want to be told when to log-on.

Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you the future of WAR – the casual player; a member of the zerg.


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