N’rarch Fleshreaper

It was PvE night to get the DoK to Exp30 and it was rather pleasant wandering around High Pass. There are still quiet a few players out there in PvE – waving as we pass – but not enough to make a group.
So the DoK is now 30/30.
I’ve a feeling I’ll be doing this more often – I had thought it would be a good move to get rid of PvE but now I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s not really necessary in T4 but unless Myffic close the Exp/RR gain gap it’s a much more interesting alternative to the Rat-Grind.

Can we have one of these?

In an early Gskin quest you get catapulted onto the stunty keep and in the Gates Of Ekrund scenario you can use the orcapult to get back into battle. Surely that can be incorporated into keep sieges.


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