Bit of a strange night – Order were out but I couldn’t find any Destro WB and when I started one up no-one was interested, so I hung around the Chaos WC healing those getting ganked by Order at the Rat Grind.
I then went off and sorted out my Zealot getting him levelled up with Talisman Making and Salvaging. I find this pair of crafting skills the hardest to level up as you don’t get much to salvage in RvR; so the DoK went out to PvE getting the drops for the Zealot.
That was pretty much it really – the DoK is at 29/29 – let’s see what tonight has in store.

Lots of talk about guilds leaving for Rift – I don’t think it’s as bad as some are making it – there will be other guilds to take their place – WAR will continue as it’s the only decent PvP out there.
We just need the game reinvigorating with a bit of Myffic Magic.


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