Anti-AFK Measures In The Pipeline

From Andy Belford –

We’re hoping to have the following system implemented as early as next week, provided it fully passes QA testing. Please note, this is not yet on live servers:

A new version of the “Idle Hands” buff has been implemented in Open RvR. Once a player has been flagged as “Away from Keyboard” (or AFK) an invisible debuff will be applied and any Play as Skaven buff will be removed. Upon being flagged as AFK players will find that their Renown, experience and coin gain has been reduced by 25%. This value will increase
incrementally over the next 4 minutes, eventually reducing all Renown, experience and coin earned to zero and teleporting the player to their Realm’s Warcamp at the 5 minute mark. 

As a result of these changes the global AFK flag has now been reduced to 2


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