The Giant Awakens

So Myffic haven’t done a runner, they were merely slumbering – it appears there’s a lot of work going on with a hint of more to follow (see previous post) and they’re looking for Core Testers ….. could be fun.

The DoK is still at 25/25 – I couldn’t face another Rat Grind so did a bit of Scavenging Grind instead until I ran out of Rested Exp then jumped into RvR.
I’m afraid last night was the most tedious I have spent playing WAR – T3 was just running round each region taking keeps, one after the other, with only token resistance. I was considering zipping up to T4 to see what that was like but the realisation that it was work the next day, after 3 weeks off, initiated a mild depression which required a long soak in the bath.


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