Developer Update

Developer Update 3rd Jan 2011 – from Andy Belford

Here’s a brief summary of some of the things we’re currently working on. Please keep in mind, none of this is currently finalized and some is in early design and testing:

A fix for the RR84 Respawn bug is currently in testing. We’re hoping to have this pushed live this week. As such, we’re delaying weekly maintenance until this fix passes testing.
ORvR Anti AFK measures currently in testing. 
Tweaking Thanquol’s Incursion boss encounters.
Revamping the Packmaster Play As Skaven class to make it more utilitarian and globally useful.
Potentially adjusting Battle Field Objective interact flags. Looking into possibly increasing interact time and requiring players to be out of combat to use. 
Evaluating pre RR81 RvR Weapon Costs, looking into further reducing their costs.
Minor mirroring changes between the Warrior Priest and Disciple of Khaine
Internal design and testing on Single Target Healing changes. Potentially reducing cast time of AM, SHA, RP and ZLT single target high value heals (long cast time), improving single target healing capabilities of WP/DoK and moving WP/DoK melee lifetap into the appropriate Mastery Paths (melee healing).

Right now the Community team is working on reporting on current individual server environments and recommendations moving forward. 
Community team is also recruiting new Core Testers (please see thread here for more information:


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