‘Ow T’ Steam Stunties

So it’s on with T3 and the DoK beckoned.
On New Years Eve I joined in a few keep assaults with very little opposition – guess Order were out on the piss – at least the regions lock and unlock properly in T3.
Found the Rat Grind and the Champ Rat Grind and also did a bit of crafting grind on New Years Day – had a little too much at lunchtime to make any meaningful contribution to RvR.
Finished the ‘Ow T’ Steam Stunties quests and ended the night at 24/24.

Having trouble finding WARblogs that are still current for the WCPI posts. There are a lot of blogs listed on Warhammer Alliance but most have either disappeared or just not being updated. /sigh

Still – I’m optimistic that Myffic have something up their collective sleeves which will bring the players back in droves; they’re just waiting for the post-Cataclysm lull.


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