Happy New Year Everyone

I was thinking about doing a full retrospective blog but I’m sure it will be done in greater depth and with better understanding elsewhere – so here’s a brief run through.
2010 brought us new City Sieges, changes in Scenarios and Update 1.4 along with some other bits and pieces.
The City Siege changes were well implemented but became far too frequent and as an end-game they’re not all that impressive.
Some Scenarios were scrapped based on Myffic usage stats and some returned as weekend events – not everyone agreed with their choice but there you go. Now Scenarios no longer contribute to the standing of the Realm they are just a mini-game in which you can grind for different weapons. They’re a nice diversion but usually dominated by hiRR premades – although the new matchmaking system was supposed to avoid this.
1.4 wasn’t the update we were all waiting for or expecting – a big disappointment. Many changes were made but the implementation of the Skaven as a fancy-dress was arse and the changes to RvR, although welcome, seemed to be a poorly thought out or had last-minute changes which didn’t quite fit.
I can’t comment on Thanquol’s Incursion as I’ve got no characters at RR65+ but judging by other bloggers remarks – it’s not that remarkable.  
The in-tier level bands were changed – I’m not sure what this was supposed to achieve but has ended up being a playground for gankers – I’m hoping it’s a prelude to the introduction of a Tier 5 and new RvR.
Rat-Grind Pits were introduced as a cop-out to sorting out the imbalance between Exp and RR – you hit the RR cap and go play Whack-A-Rat for a while.
The new Siege Engine mechanic is a good move but can’t something be done with the interface so that we can see what damage is being done and be able to read the correct chat channels? And why is there still Ordnance lying about?
The Manticore/Griffon flights were an excellent introduction – it would be good to see them extended from their present pre-set flight paths.

Instead of supporting 1.4 Myffic seemed to bugger off and leave us to it – there were a few hotfixes but it’s all gone very quiet. It may be the holidays but WAR is 24/7 – the players haven’t taken a break and Myffic are still taking in the subscriptions.

Then there were the RvR packs – these were basically a vanity pack and a pay-extra-to-play-further pack.
Myffic spent a lot of time and money promoting 1.4 and the RvR packs to, it seems, no avail. A lot of what was said during the promotional tour didn’t seem to come to anything and ended up doing more harm than good – although it was good to see them getting out and about and making the effort. 

WAR is now down to 5 x EU and 4 x US active servers (with 2 x EU and 2 x US servers offering incentives to play) yet Myffic continue to concentrate their support for the minority US players especially in regard to server maintenance and PTS activity.

Carrie Gouskos seems to have disappeared from the WAR scene – the last we heard was her claiming that there was nothing to talk about in her regular Producer’s Letter in November.

Since 1.4 I’ve spent my time on WAR in T1 and T2.
T1 is a good introduction to the game although the lock in each region should be extended to encourage players to RvR somewhere other than Empire/Chaos.
T2 is where you get some idea of what awaits later on – keep assaults. The problem is that Gskin/Stunty region locking mechanism is bugged and has been since 1.4 – so effectively there are only 2 regions to fight in. Getting Gskin Inf is a pain. You can get some damn good scraps in T2 and the learning curve is just about right.

For 2011 Myffic need to give us some idea of where WAR is going and, very much, sooner rather than later.

So there you have it – I’ll continue playing WAR as I thoroughly enjoy it despite its problems but 40K Dark Millennium is looming up …..


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