Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly

The Mara is 19/19 within a stunty’s nadger of lvl 20; thanks to Gazbag and his note from Da Warboss – full Inf in Chaos and Delf with 1 pip in Gskin. Gskin actually opened twice and we got the lock bonus too – after hanging around for about 10 mins.
It’ll be flying to T3 to get some easy Exp quests and another Warboss note next later tonight.
Still running round with eldest son – he’s quite hooked now – it’s the killin’
Myffic need to get this through their thick heads – WAR is all about the PvP killin’give us more!

Talking to some friends in T4 – there’s a lot of disquiet about closed guild/alliance WBs doing their own thing, going for the easy wins and avoiding getting blood on their precious armour; makes a change from them holding IC fashion shows, SC premades and duelling I suppose.
It’s only the PUGs that are doing the fighting with the guilds riding in just before the keep gets taken – they’re as bad as AFKers – and, as they’re usually hiding in the keep, they grab all the Skaven fancy-dress and manticores shouting look-at-me look-at-me.


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