My 100th post

Finished a few quests and a bit of RvR on the Magus and hit 22/20 – this is the first time the RR cap hasn’t been a hinderance – have Myffic changed something?

On to my Marauder – picked up a few T2 quests and did a bit of PvE grind to get used to the abilities – took a while getting my head around the different Gifts and their abilities but finally settled on Savagery for now. Topped up on decent armour and weapons and got a Massive Loot Bag in the first keep assault – Oblit Chestpiece; already had the gloves and boots.
It took time to settle into the Choppa as I’m not a melee player by inclination but it was fun once I got the hang of it – hopefully the Mara will be the same.


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Warhammer, VMax, Fortean Times, Prog Metal, Guinness
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