War Tract

A bit of a strange night – I had all intentions of carrying on with the DoK after a bit of housekeeping.
While I was sorting out my Magus, T2 Gskin opened so I jumped in and got the lock bonus – bleedin’ miracle -Hurrah! That gives me the Elite Barbute I was waiting for. The Magus is now 19/19 and with Da Warboss’s Note getting close to 20/20. I also went and got the War Tract from Nordland Ch4 and did a bit of grinding for the butchering. Got the Battle Brew Backpack drop and sent it to my Blorc – looks a lot better on Gskins than it does on Humies.
Might get the Magus up to T3 now – that means I’ll only have the Marauder left in T2.


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Warhammer, VMax, Fortean Times, Prog Metal, Guinness
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