AFK Leechers

From Andy Belford on the Bioware forum –
The idea we have for combating AFK leechers in ORvR is something along these lines:
Players who are AFK for 2 minutes will be flagged as AFK. This will apply a version of the Idle Hands buff, which instead of applying a flat 100% reduction in RP gained will instead ramp up over the next 4 minutes (the reason for this is the differing nature of ORvR gameplay when compared to Cities or Scenarios). After 4 minutes the AFK player would be teleported to the Warcamp, where they no longer apply to AAO numbers.
This solution is still in development and testing, so its final implementation is subject to change, however it is something we’ve been working on. 

Additionally, we are actively monitoring players who are using exploits to avoid the auto log feature to continuously farm renown. These players are being dealt with harshly and in an appropriate manner.


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