Battle Brew Backpack – Doesn’t Suit You Sir

The DoK hit 21/21 and received another useless note from Da Warboss – at least he could send a Christmas card.
At 21 you can pick up loads of quests at T3 WCs – visit T3 Rally Masters, scout BOs & Keeps and small RvR quests – these got me up to 21+95% in no time and getting to 22 was a doddle.
I could stay in T2 up to 26 but decided to take the plunge and battle it out in T3 – finished the night 22/22 and with another note from Da Warboss.
Getting from 20 to 22 was so easy compared to 18 to 20 – hang in there.

Hadrune (WAR blogger) is considering moving on to another game – there’s a common thread among the WAR community – friends dropping out and lack of new content.
Warhammer Alliance hasn’t been updated recently and Myffic seem to be very quiet. Things don’t look good at the moment.

Elves look really stupid wearing the Battle Brew Backpack – mind you, so do humans – they only suit Stunties and Gskins.


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