Grumlok’s Git

The DoK finally made it to 19/19 with full RvR Elite Inf gear – it’s been a slog, especially as Green region still fails to lock/unlock and I missed out on Exp/RR there trying to get the Inf bit by bit for that last sword.

Da Warboss’s Note arrived from Grumlok’s Git – off to the Cunning Shaman for 63k of free Exp and the quest (‘Ow T’ Steam Stunties) for the Book of Grudges behind Ogrund’s Tavern for another free 63k of Exp – have to grind to Lvl 20 to fly to Talabecland though.
Soon be in T3 now – I’m thinking of staying with the DoK for a while – I like the survivability of soloing with him; I might change my mind when I get to T3 and get steamrolled by lvl 39s.


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