WAR Is Getting Tedious

I think that last night was the most boring evening I’ve spent playing WAR.
There were very few people about – plaintive cries rang out over region chat – and T2 Green zone was perma-locked yet again; FFS get it fixed.

Myffic are going to have to pull their collective finger out and re-invigorate this game.
1.4 came along and then they all buggered off on holiday leaving us with a bag of squig crap. Since then Myffic have been very quiet – disturbingly quiet – a few hot fixes have been rolled-out but it seems that interest is waning. It may be that Cataclysm has drawn away a lot of players and Myffic are waiting for the fuss to die down – in which case we need some idea of what is in store – new content.
Without new content WAR will die – there’s only so many times you can keep hitting the same keeps over and over again.
There’s a lot of potential in the realm for expanding the RvR experience and that doesn’t mean introducing a limited-access dungeon, new armour and weapons or Skaven fancy-dress.
WAR needs new objectives that require new thinking and strategies – 1.4 went some way to addressing this but we’re still in the same regions, laying siege to the same keeps with the same capital cities to defend/attack and, if you’ve only just entered T4, you’ve got being steamrolled by hiRR players to look forward to.

I don’t think WAR will disappear anytime soon but the competition will get ever more intense and Myffic need to rise to the challenge or be content with running a minor MMO.


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