It’s A Bit Foggy

I had my eyes lasered and rested them as ordered which took me out of the game for 2 days. It’s still a bit foggy but good enough to target a stunty.

Keg’s End is here again – can’t say I go out of my way to complete these events. For an Alterphile (I was going to use Altophile but that means aroused by heights) it’s a bit of a bugger deciding which char to use so I usually just go with the one I’m levelling at the time.

The DoK finished the night at Exp17+40% RR17 (capped) with only 1 pip to get in Green. Then – as I couldn’t sleep – I did an early hours solo Rat Grind and took him to 18/18. It was then off to IC to train and equip all that RvR Epic gear waiting in the bank.
I’m now undecided about which load-out to use – dual wield or sword and chalice? I’ll try both while I’m still in T2 and see what they’re like.


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