Yawn – Another Massive Loot Bag

Where have all the Order gone?
T2 was one unopposed keep assault after another – loads of massive loot bags – we even got Greenland to open up and lock for us a few times.
The DoK is now 15/15 (capped at RR15) with 2 Inf pips in Chaos and Delf and 1 in Green.

What is it with MDPS standing under the boiling oil shouting heal?

There were a few players in T2 wearing 2 year vet cloaks – during chat they all said the same thing – T4 is a tedious mess; they’ve all rolled alts until T4 is sorted out.
This game needs not only new content but a T5 for the hiRR players. When you get to lvl40 you can expect to get constantly stomped by hiRR players and spend all your time hitting the same old keeps over and over again with only new armour and weapons to look forward to – not exactly an exciting prospect.
Myffic believe that the sooner you level up the better – but the increase in the RR gain rate has only made playing at lower levels more frustrating as you constantly hit the RR cap and have to grind Exp.
Despite 1.4 WAR has become stale – hopefully Myffic held back on releasing new content due to Cataclysm.


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