Weekend Warrior Priests

So I was busy killin’ in T1 and wham – 12/12 and full Chaos Inf all in one go; I’ve full Inf gear from the 3 regions so there’s not much reason to hang around – onward to T2.

Seems to be ladies night in T2 – loads of WEs and Sorcs – and everyone seems to be WB shy; mostly soloing or in private parties.
Soon arrived at 14/14, got the Oblit chestpiece in the first keep assault and I’ve enough medallions for the boots and gloves.
Not sure about the view of the rather large lizard’s arse when I’m mounted.
Greenland still has the problem with being perma-locked.

Whilst in T1 I was getting questioned by many players about Starter Mounts, Pets, Pocket and Jewelry items; a lot of interest in how to get hold of them.
There’s an opening here for Myffic to better advertise the advantages of subscribing and the availability of items in EAStore.
Have an incentive scheme for established players to spend some time in T1 with a fully kitted-out character answering questions and displaying what accessories are available.


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