WP/DoK Adjustments

Not much to report – same old grind in T1 – Dok now 11/11 (RR capped as if you wouldn’t know)
I’m going for the solo melee-healing and giving the group heals a miss – I like the sound of Torture & Sacrifice – it seems to fit in better with the character.
Full inf in Delf & 2 pips each in Chaos and Green.

From Steven Engle
Combat & Careers Designer
We are changing the abilities Touch of Divine and Khaine’s Embrace. We are scaling the heal values back, and removing the cooldowns on the abilities. Both abilities will now be 1 second casts at a lower value per cast, and will no longer have a 1.5 second cooldown. At around 900 Willpower, you will see healing per second remain relatively unchanged even though the value per cast is smaller.

As we changed these heals, we discovered an issue with the Mastery Path group heal-over-time abilities Pious Restoration and Khaine’s Vigor. Due to these issues, the abilities were underperforming. Both Pious Restoration and Khaine’s Vigor will now receive much more healing contribution from Willpower and will heal over 9 seconds instead of 15 seconds. At around 900 Willpower, you should see an increase of around 120% in the overall healing output of these abilities.

I will answer a few questions that will, undoubtedly, arise over the changes:

How does this change the healing capabilities of the careers in question?
The cost is remaining the same for these abilities. So while they can output similar HP/s numbers as before, it is not as efficient and lacks the large spike numbers as before. 
Disciple of Khaine and Warrior Priests are still too survivable; what are you doing to address that?
This is a first step; we are trying to get all the healers in a better place and this will help. We have other plans for the future, but I cannot discuss them right now. 
All we have are our group heals, our single target healing is non-existent, so why are you doing this to my career?
In the future, we will give better single target options for “back-line” healing Disciples of Khaine and Warrior Priests. Actually, we have a couple of ideas to help single target healing in general and we’ll discuss that in the future.



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