A One-Man AA Battery

This is more like it – Order turned up for the fight and there were some good scraps.
We turned round a 4 star to nil disadvantage, at one point, and won the day – with a shout of “Griff inc” my Magus stood on the flight-tower, with his Pink Horror, taking down the Griffons as they tried to assault the keep.
On another occasion – I was ordered to pick-up a ballista and fly to the keep – unfortunately, no dismount button appeared and I ended up stuck in the air until the keep was taken and then had to use /stuck command.
I ended the day at 17/17 and feeling more at home with the Magus.

For Gork’s sake – remove the RR cap from level 12+
I’d rather carry on gaining RR along with Exp in RvR than playing the Whack-A-Rat mini-game.

I can recommend the add-on Anywhere Trainer available from Curse.com – it shows the Career and Mastery trees without having to go to a trainer along with Renown and Tome Abilities.


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