The Obliterator

After 8 hours of on & off play my Magus is now 16/16 and a very boring 8 hours it was.
Order hardly showed up – so it was a case of flying between regions – getting the lock bonus (except for Orcland) and not fighting.
Joined in on some Rat Grind – which is very good for Butchery.

Obliterator armour is very easy to achieve now – hardly worth putting the chest piece in the gold bags.
This leads on to – what is the point of joining in the keep assault?
You can sit in your own keep with Field Of Glory bonus getting all the Exp, Inf and RR that everyone else is getting (except for killing Order), while all the others run around the BOs;  then – at 4 stars – saunter to the keep to get the capture bonus.
If Order turn up you head off to another region to start again.
The same applies to a keep defence.
It may be that there are just not enough T2 players to make it interesting.

T2 is the new players introduction to what T4 is going to be like and it’s not a very good first impression.
It’s far too easy – there’s no sense of achievement – Myffic might as well introduce paid for lvl 20 characters with hi-end PvE-type armour and weapons.
Hopefully T3 will be different.
But then Myffic want everyone into T4 as quickly as possible and T2/T3 will become ghost regions – so then they introduce paid for lvl 40 characters.

There’ll be no Producers Letter this month as Myffic have nothing to talk about – what about Update 1.4 and the RvR packs?
It’s gone very quiet just recently – 1.4 doesn’t feel like the success they were hoping for and the Progression RvR pack was just a paid-for expansion without any new content.
Myffic really need to sort out their communications with the players; it’s woefully lacking – especially when you have players, at this stage, not knowing about the new RvR mechanics.
Some form of acknowledgement on bug-reports would be nice too.


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