Rat Grind

The Zealot is now 22/22 after a bit of Rat Grinding while stood in the Ritual of Lunacy and AOEing.
Apparently you should take a ticket and wait your turn – according to one noisy little Shaman.

Moved on to my Magus who logged in to find all 3 regions locked – Orcland back to being perma-locked again.
Soon got to 13/13 – forgot how vulnerable Magi are – stay at the back and hit from afar.

There doesn’t seem to be much point in defending a keep – there are better rewards available moving to another region while order are at work. Not quite the right idea but it’s the best way to progress at the moment.

Could we have a better indication of the state of siege engines and flights?
Number of engines and flights available at the keep, the number in transit & who’s carrying them and the number deployed.
It would certainly save a lot of running back and forth for no reason.


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