Wait Until the Flag Has Been Taken!

My Zealot is now 21/21 and busily annoying Order by not dying 🙂
It’s nice to see he can take quite a bit of pummeling.
I’m following the Dark Rites path for now – group healing from a distance.
Who will be next – Magus or Marauder?

There were quite a few keep assaults – are the Griffons supposed to be so easy to take down? They don’t seem to last very long.
Could we have some indication of how many Manticores are available at the keep?

It seems that many players don’t realise what is in store for them if they go up to the top floor of the keep before the flag has been taken – DEATH.
You’ll also usually pull the Champs down to the flag room to attack those who are not so hasty.

I’ve spent my renown points on Fortitude which is supposed to add a bonus to Toughness – this isn’t showing up in the stats – I’ve raised a bug report and I’m going to check on my other chars.


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2 Responses to Wait Until the Flag Has Been Taken!

  1. claro torpedxo gratis says:

    Great post about this. I’m surprised to see someone so educated in the matter.

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