Da Warboss’s Note

The Zealot hit lvl 19 and got Da Warboss’s Note – off to the Cunning Shaman for 63k Exp boost. Then after 2 locks in Orcland (previously unheard of) and a bit of Rat Grind I’m now 20/19 with full Epic Inf gear. A quick flight to Talabecland to find the Book Of Grudges (on the steps behind Ogrund’s Tavern) and another 63k Exp boost from the Cunning Shaman.

It’s getting very monotonous attacking the same 3 keeps over and over again – I need to get the Zealot up to 22/22 fast and move on – I enjoy advancing a character and learning to use the new abilities but sometimes it feels unnecessarily tedious. Hopefully Myffic will address the Exp gain issue soon – it’s not far off , just needs tweaking.

It’s amazing how many players still don’t understand, or haven’t heard of, the new RvR mechanics and it’s very frustrating to have Manticore joyriders and Siege Engine hijackers screwing it up for everyone.
Maybe Myffic needs to look at how changes to the game are communicated – not everyone reads the Herald or the forums.


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