Too Much Guinness?

A few more visits to T2 Orcland and I’ll have full Inf in all regions – if it gives a lock bonus that is. The Zealot is capped at RR17 with Exp 17 +30% so it’s back to the grind. Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to adjust the Exp gain rate to get away from this seeing as how Myffic want us all to level up to RR80 much quicker.
Which reminds me – there was briefly an item in EAStore called “Jump Start” can we look forward being able to buy our way into T2?

The jewelry ranges available from the renown vendors have been increased – there used to be just 3 items based on defence stats; now there are Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, Willpower, Intelligence and Strength items available. There are also more choices of renown armour.

 Seeing Double – Too Much Guinness? 


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