Skaven Tunnels

The Zealot is now 16/16 with RR capped at 50% Exp – this Exp grinding is getting to be a pain although I’m getting loads of Inf so should have all the Inf gear by the time I reach 18/18; he’s got the full Oblit armour.
Orcland was open a couple of times but, like the other regions, still doesn’t always give a chest drop or lock bonus.
Some players still haven’t got the hang of the new RvR – hanging around the keep when there are BOs to guard and RCs to slap.
Message to all MDPS – stay out of the oil you morons – you’re a healers’ nightmare.

Myffic have provided Skaven Tunnels to quickly get between MoM and BV.

There are 3 tunnels – Withered, Mossy and Damp; don’t try to ride/run into them – you right click on them.
You can carry siege equipment through them – you can also fly with siege equipment but the manticores are in the WCs and not the keeps. Don’t try to use the WC teleport flag in the keep – you’ll lose the siege engine.

There’s a similar set-up for T3


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