Orcland Is Open For RvR

Finally – managed to get to Orcland twice with the Zealot; unfortunately, only one chest appeared after the keep assaults but then this applied to all the other regions. Keep chests only seem to be appearing about 50% of the time as well as the region lock rewards.
The Zealot is now 14/14 – needless to say RR is capped with exp at 25% – a grinding we will have to go 😦

I love watching the arc that Tzeentch’s Cordial makes as it flys though the air to the hopefully grateful recipient.

I noticed that the graphics seemed to be taking a time to render as you got closer to them and some effects were surrounded by a translucent square. After clearing all the files and folders from the WAR cache folder this seemed to help matters.
The lag spikes are still there though but these might disappear after the 1st December – ever since informing my present ISP that I was changing to another ISP my interweb access seems to have got slower – strange coincidence that.


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