1.4 Bugs Being Worked

From Andy Belford via the forum – http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/232/index/5298301#5298301

Not a comprehensive list – just a summary

  • Scenarios are not firing with regularity.  – issue discovered, fix in progress. 
  • City instances/Thanquol’s Incursion instances are not properly creating – investigating
  • Players reporting issues with RF/SE regeneration – investigating
  • In some cases, Battlefield Objectives continue generating resources/Resource Carriers after a zone lock – investigating
  • Renown Bonus granted by RvR Pack  not scaling properly at lower renown ranks – investigating
  • Contribution issues when participating in Keep Siege – investigating
  • Rat Camps in EvC T2, T3 not proper level – fixed internally
  • Frequency of City Sieges – evaluating
  • Rate of XP Gain compared to Renown gain at lower tiers – evaluating
  • Magus Mount skins are reversed – fixed internally
  • Players not properly receiving their 2 year veteran rewards – fixed internally
  • Concerns over costs of Personality Pack Dyes – Prices being adjusted. 
  • Better Black Dye is missing – Adding Badab Black

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