Cry Havoc

I thought I’d break myself into the new RvR the easy way and stayed with my Chosen in T2.
Apart from the La…aa…ag Sp…ik…es and the occasional server disconnect it was fairly painless.
Unfortunately Greenskin region is permanently locked in T2 although showing contested on the map. So we were jumping back and forth between Chaos and Delf.
At one point I was joined by a  Choppa (thanks Tatsumo) in Delf and we managed to lock the region by ourselves – is it supposed to be this easy?
Joyriding the Manticores and no-one grabbing the siege engines was causing problems and there were quite a few players who had no idea what to do. Still, there were some good battles and the learning curve was not too steep.
Getting skanked by bands of lvl 26 chars in T2 might take some getting used but then I’ve the joy of being trounced by lvl 39 chars in T3 to come and I’m used to being steamrolled by hiRR chars in T4 which Myffic don’t seem to want to address. Could lead to more disconcerted players griefing in forums.
There didn’t seem to be any Scenarios popping – not sure whether this was a bug or due to the new matchmaking scheme.
There does seem to be an accelerated RR gain as I was quickly capping the RR level then having to wait for Exp to catch-up or going Exp grinding; although there is no buff indication.
With the new level bands within each tier there’s no reason why you shouldn’t end up with full inf gear – unless, of course, one of the regions is permanently locked.
My Chosen is now 19/19 with full inf gear except for only one pip into Greenskin.

Beware the new dyes available with the Personality RvR pack – they’re 2g 50s each.
How does the Warhammer world know what colour a Hormagaunt is?


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