Trinkets and Geegaws

Now I’ve finally got my mail through I can report on what’s available with the new RvR packs.
There’s no obvious sign of the accelerated renown gain.
New mounts are available from Tarvest Juyn to the south of the Monolith – these are for RR75+ and not RR60+ as advertised. They also show that they decay after 30 days and can also be bought with 30 Royal Crests.
The barber is Karven Nurfayc in the north of the Apex, to the left of the steps – I’ve not used him yet.
The new pets/companions are available in the SW corner of the Undercroft – there’s no vendor – just stand near them and right click on the icons in your back pack – purely for show and you can’t rename them. They’re classed as a buff but there’s no indication of what they buff, unlike the Herald.
The Trophy Redemption Tickets (early adoption) are for the same tat as the Trinkets of the World Pack.
There’s no new black dye either – only a Charadon Granite – light grey

All in all  – rather disappointing – especially after I was charged £12.99p for the combo pack.


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