Was It Like This Before?

Another interesting night in T2, apart from the lag-spikes.
My Chosen is now 17/17 with full Oblit armour and 5 Inf rewards ready for 18/18.
It feels ridiculously easy to level up now – there are more buffs than an army of Mr Sheens.
Along with the Progression RvR pack, I assume this is an attempt to get everyone up to hiRR and cram them all into the T4 lakes. In which case Myffic will have to come up with the goods with their “regular” new content to keep things fresh and interesting – hitting the same keep doors time and time again gets rather jaded after a while.
Could be good – could fall flat in its face – now there’s a truism.

Alas, Real Life is getting in the way tonight and with 1.4 tomorrow the Chosen will have to take a back seat for a while.

It’ll be interesting to see just how quickly you can level a character up after 1.4

Here’s to a smooth launch for 1.4 – Cheers


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