PvE Is A Waste Of Space

With update 1.4 WAR is moving away from PvE and concentrating on PvP.

There are still a few doughty players tromping through PvE; but what is there in PvE for the PvP players?
Tome Unlocks – Pocket Items, Trophies, Tactics, Cloaks, Titles
Grinding for crafting – Butchering, Scavenging and to some extent Salvaging.
Epic weapons
Experience grinding
Nice scenery
Not a lot that isn’t available, or can’t be duplicated, elsewhere.

The problem is PvE takes up the majority of space in each region – so what can Mythic do with all that wasted space?

Open RvR throughout

Move the keeps and BOs into the old PvE areas – one side for Destro, one for Order; these areas are separated by the old RvR lakes.
To get from one side to the other you have to travel through the old RvR lake on foot.
Once in the old RvR lake warbands and parties are disbanded – no group heals, no guards etc. – you have to rely on your own skills and watch each other’s back.
This gives plenty of scope for individual play and brings a different mechanic to PvP.
Once through the old RvR lake your warband/party would automatically reform at a friendly warcamp then it would be on to the enemy BOs and Keep; entry and exit points would be staggered and not directly opposite each other.
An alternative route around the old RvR lake could be provided with a neutral keep that needs to be controlled to gain access through to the enemy area. This will return to being neutral once vacated.

The old RvR lakes could be themed and have mobs for grinding/butchering/scavenging/drops etc. along with dungeons & lairs.
The 3rd faction access control objective could be included too.

Tier 2 would need a bit of remodeling.

Tier 1 would remain as a F2P PvE/PvP playground.

Not quite a WoW Cataclysm but the way things are going you can kiss PvE goodbye.


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