What Now?

Things didn’t look too good for Destro when I logged on – CW was going down.
Then a brave Shammie declared a WB in DW – joined up and took the keep and BOs – moved to TM, took the keep and two BOs. Then onto to CW for the final battle to lock it. Back to TM for the final two BOs – then the WB evaporated.
I hadn’t realised the WB had evaporated until I went running after a RP and found I had no-one healing me – oh the embarrassment; to be killed by a puny stunty – I couldn’t get near the little runt.
It was then on to Praag/Reik/DW/Eat and realm lock.
Lots of lag-spikes towards the end again – some of several seconds – resulting in lots of target-out-of-range when you’re stood on top of them.
Had a very strange CTD in Reik – “No disk in drive D:” – luckily I still had my place in the WB when I got back in.

So after 6 hours of playing, Blorc is now RR45 – that’s all Greenskins at RR45.

Non-UK guilds are now being referred to by their national dish – Pasta/Vodka guilds.
Are the UK guilds being referred to as rosbif or larger?

Didn’t see much in the way of the Exp + RR bonus – there was a 7day Call to Arms (gold, exp and rr +10%) but that disappeared after about 5 mins.

Finding that the extra 3% speed buff offered by the Snotling Herald is not necessarily an advantage – unless you like to be the first into battle with your WB trailing behind.

I think I’ll go to T2 for a few days and level up my Chaos guys and then back to T4 after the 1.4 update on Thursday.


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