EU Loading Screen Tips

After re-reading some of my posts, I’ve managed to confuse myself over the RR level I’m at – my Blorc is at RR42 +81% – at least it’s a bit clearer for me writing it like that.
I logged on last night just before the lock for Altdorf so spent the first hour in LotD.
Managed some better quality RvR – although the zerg insisted on capping BOs before keeps; much to the annoyance of some – and got to RR43 +14%

Gaarawarr has posted the new loading screen tips that will come with 1.4 – they are all US entries.
Now maybe the EU entries were a load of squigcrap – I prefer to think that GOA didn’t pass our suggestions onto Myffic as they said they would. Either way it’s a bit arse.


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