Will It All End In Tiers?

Myffic are trying to address what they are calling the “Powergap” by changing the access to each tier
Tier 1: Ranks 1-15
Tier 2: Ranks 12-26
Tier 3: Ranks 22-39
Tier 4: Ranks 32-40
All players will be bolstered to the tier max lvl.
The T1 F2P Twinks are in for a bit of a shock but no-one cares about them.
What this does mean is that you can stay longer in a tier and pick up all the inf rewards and swop between tiers.
So are most players going to stay in T3 until lvl39 then use the War Tract to jump to T4?
Many players are discouraged in T4 due to all the hiRR players so this could be a good move and it will also alleviate the present overcrowding in T4.
It also saves them introducing a T5 but will we see players with Exp39/RR45 and full Conq armour in T3 especially with the accelerated RR gain in the new RvR pack.
RvR armour is going to be easier to get too –
Anni will be available for gold
Conq will be available for Office medallions only.
Inv and War will be available from RvR keep captures.
Sov from stage1 city siege.
You will also be able to opt out of gold-bag-only from RvR PQs rolls.
Scenario matchmaking is coming – making it a more even fight.

Looks like some good changes which will hopefully bring the fun back into the game.
I might even start playing scenarios.


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